They Had to Run
written by
Linda Cox
illustrated by
Sarah Medina
They Had to Run is a childrens book based on the true story of real-life heroes, Simon and Kedress Nziramakenga. Simon and Kedress were Rwandan refugees, who fled their country in the 1960s, only to return after the 1994 Rwandan genocide, where today they are helping others to rebuild their lives in its aftermath. 

Two years ago, I had the privilege of meeting the founders of One Hundred Days, a non-profit organization building the Good Shepherd Hospital for Children in Kigali, Rwanda. I attended a meeting with Dr. Scott Sasser and his wife Kelli and Simon Nziramakenga, along with my husband David,  to discuss fundraising efforts to help open the doors of the hospital. During that meeting, I also happened to meet Linda Cox, the author of this wonderful story about the Nziramakengas. She had just written her book and was looking for an artist to illustrate it for little to no pay, since the entire book project was to help raise money for the hospital's first phase of operation. I immediately agreed to illustrate the book for free. It is a project very close to my heart in a lifelong effort to 'make my art matter.'

This endeavor has seen many ups and downs but has endured all of it to become reality.  Along with Linda, I worked many long hours on the details of the book - Linda with her rewrites and editing and I with the artwork. This month, over a year's worth of work has finally been published and is available for sale. All proceeds of the book go toward helping open the doors of the hospital.
Happy Reading!
Sarah Medina

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Detailed book panels from
They Had to Run

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